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Book publications

Total Man: An Evolutionary Theory of Personality, London, Allen Lane/Penguin Press, 1972; New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1973; New York, Ballantine, 1974; London, Abacus, 1975

Personality and Evolution: The Biology of the Divided Self, London, Wildwood House, 1973

The Neanderthal Question, London, Wildwood House, 1977

The Paranormal, London, Wildwood House, 1978; London, Fontana/Collins, 1979; New York, Harper/Collins, 1980,1981

Guardians of the Ancient Wisdom, London, Wildwood House, 1979; London, Fontana/Collins, 1979; Amsterdam, Standaard, 1980; Antwerp, Van Holkema, 1980

The Double Helix of the Mind: The Secrets of Mental Evolution and Advance, London, Wildwood House, 1980

The Secret Life of Humans, London, J. M. Dent & Sons, 1981

Creatures from Inner Space, London, Rider/Century Hutchinson, 1984; Tokyo, Tuttle-Mori, 1987

Cities of Dreams, London, Rider/Century Hutchinson, 1989; London, Aulis Publishers, revised and augmented edition, 1995



With M. L. Kellmer Pringle, Four Years On: Studies in Child Development, National Bureau for Cooperation in Child Care, London, Longmans Green, 1966; Humanities Press, 1967

With Rosemary Dinnage, The Child With Asthma, London, National Foundation for Educational Research/Nelson, 1986



The Child Psychotherapist and Problems of Young People, London, Wildwood House, 1977

World Without Trees: Dutch Elm Disease and Other Human Errors, London, Wildwood House, 1979